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Harvey Howell Generates Buzz in San Antonio

Howell Family, HH Howell III continues to make their mark in the Alamo town of San Antonio with oil and gas exploration over three generations. Howell, along with [...]

Houston’s Outlook for 2017: Is the Worst Behind Us?

As we celebrate the New Year, 2017 has delivered much better news about oil markets and Houston’s economy. Oil markets appear to be moving toward rebalancing, with [...]

Global Oil Demand Can Only Increase

While incremental annual gains obviously vary, there is nothing more assured than increasing global oil demand. The steady drumbeat of more people, making more money, using more oil may be [...]

U.S. oil boom isn’t dead. It’s plotting a 2017 comeback

New cracks have emerged in the U.S. oil boom, thanks to the crash in prices orchestrated by OPEC. U.S. oil production is down seven straight months and [...]