Our Strategy

The strategy of High Gravity Resources is to work hard, be fair, and become a substantial contributor of private funding for oil and gas drilling and development projects.

Strategic Investments

Grow your financial portfolio with High Gravity Resources.

Our Experience

With copious years of experience, High Gravity understands the upstream and financial sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Expert Knowledge

Our oil and gas knowledge is proudly based on both our family history and years of experience in working in the sector.

Our Commitment

HGR is committed to bringing high quality opportunities developed by industry professionals specializing in South Texas geology to Accredited Investors.

Committed to Your Success

Our Investing Partners are our primary concern and every strategic decision is made with them in mind.

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Our projects are competitively priced and thoroughly vetted by our geological teams. We require a financial investment by geologists, and because of it, seasoned experts tend to be more cautious and view prospects from the perspective of investors. One of the primary reasons for oil and gas investments is to create monthly or quarterly revenue streams while taking advantage of tax benefits. The EIA projects a 53% increase in energy consumption by 2035. Take a moment to learn a little more about oil and gas exploration in our video library.

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Do you qualify as an Accredited Investor? You are an Accredited Investor if you meet the following criteria:
• Possess a net worth (excluding primary residence) of over $1 million.
• Or, your income is over $200,000 for the last two years (single) and $300,000 (married).
• Can provide proof of income with a W-2, CPA letter or other verifiable means.
If you’re an Accredited Investor, please complete our Accredited Investor Certification Letter and get started.

Accredited Investor Certification Letter