The HGR Team

Douglas B. Shea
Douglas B. SheaManaging Manager and CEO
Doug Shea serves as the Managing Member of High Gravity LP Management, LLC,. Doug is married with three children. Previously, Mr. Shea was a securities broker specializing in Natural resource and Real Estate Investments for almost ten years. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Natural Resources from Oregon State University and has previously held the Series 63 and a Series 22 Securities License. Mr. Shea., along with his brother Greg, evaluate each prospect and make collective decisions with the other Members of High Gravity Resources as to the viability of each prospect. Mr. Shea also shares responsibility for corporate compliance and due diligence.
Gregory B. Shea
Gregory B. SheaManaging Member and COO
Mr. Shea is a Co-Founder of High Gravity Resources, LLC. He is married and has four children. Mr. Shea has 20 years of experience in the Energy industry. His Experience includes managing oil field cement crews, acidizing crews, 5 drilling rigs and directional crews. Operations included wells drilled throughout Kentucky to South Texas. He also was responsible for communications with rig operators, drilling reports, purchasing and other facets of day-to-day business. He plays a major role in project evaluation and decision making with regards to the viability of each project. Mr. Shea attended North Texas State University from 1982-1986. He is the brother of Doug Shea.
Charles Provance
Charles ProvanceMember of HGR
Mr. Provance has been with the Company since 2013. He is married, has three children, and been a resident of Kentucky for sixteen years. Mr. Provance’s previous experience was on the financial side of Natural Resource and Real Estate Funding. He was a Finra Registered Representative seventeen years. Throughout his tenure, he learned the ins and outs of how programs are structured as well as learning as much about the industry side as he could. He has helped fund a multitude of direct participation programs, and has a keen eye for evaluating projects from the point of view of our clients.
Mr. Provance has previously held the series 22, 62 and 63 licenses.
Jason Eddy
Jason EddyMember of HGR
Jason is married and has one child. He brings 10 years of experience from the Broker Dealer side if the isle, with a great sense of knowing what our clients like to see. Jason has a great rapport with clients and maintains an open line of communication with all. His hard work and demeanor is a valuable asset to the team. Mr. Eddy has previously held the Series 22 and 63 Securities Licenses.