When do I get my K-1 for my investment?2017-02-05T02:05:05+00:00

K-1’s are completed by the CPA in the first quarter of the following year and sent via email unless you request a hard copy.

Do you send me my revenue?2017-02-05T02:04:33+00:00

No. Revenue distributions are handled by Petrosource, LLC, a third party revenue DISTRIBUTION COMPANY that specializes specifically in this discipline.

What is my money used for?2017-03-09T15:21:10+00:00

High Gravity Resources is essentially the financial arm of the process. There are typically three sources to the execution of getting a well drilled- Financial, Geological and Operational. We provide, through our partners, the financial part: purchasing a portion of the prospect for development. This includes funding for Lease Acquisition, Geological, Drilling, Testing, and if successful, Completion of the well. Further, it includes final permatizing of the well site for trucking access, environmental compliance, tank batteries, et al.

As well, our projects are TURN-KEYED to the partners. This insures that additional billings do not occur during the initial drilling phase of the well. the only additional cash call would occur in the event a situation such as a needing a frac job would occur that was not planned for in the initial drilling plan. (for more information on the turn key, refer to Memorandum)

Where are the wells drilled?2017-02-05T02:03:23+00:00

The majority of our prospects are drilled in counties located in mid to south Texas. Each prospect will be identified by County, and exact locations are registered with the State.

Who carries insurance during oil drilling?2017-02-05T02:02:51+00:00

The Operator is registered with the State, and is required to carry insurance for drilling operations. This insurance covers all aspects of the process, and any liability claims would fall on the Operator.

How can I be assured that you will actually drill the well?2017-02-05T02:02:17+00:00

Each well is permitted and can be tracked through the State of Texas on the Texas Railroad Commission website. The Texas Railroad Commission is the governing body for all wells drilled, and you can go to their website and confirm that this has been done.

Are we guaranteed to make a well with oil drilling?2017-02-05T02:01:34+00:00

No. Our risk mitigation is created through the excellent geological work and knowledge of our Industry Alliances, however, success is never guaranteed. No well can be guaranteed to be commercially productive until it is turned into the sales line. We strongly advise that you run from any project that guarantees success.

Why should I invest with High Gravity Resources?2017-02-05T02:00:20+00:00

Our projects are competitively priced and thoroughly vetted by our geological teams. Each project we do requires a cash outlay by the geologist, which many do not. With skin in the game, seasoned geologists tend to be more cautious and look at prospects from an investors prospective, providing additional confidence in success.

Why should I invest with oil and gas?2017-02-05T01:59:31+00:00

There are many reasons to invest in Oil and Gas Exploration. The main reason is to have the opportunity to create monthly or quarterly revenue streams through production while benefiting from tax advantages provided through participating in exploration of hydrocarbons in the United States.

The EIA projects a 53% increase in energy consumption by 2035. Owners of producing wells will benefit from increased consumption as markets adjust upward.

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